Meet the Team

iMoney’s leadership team is comprised of professionals with relevant geographic and sector expertise in financial services, technology, travel and more.

Our Management Team

  • Mitul Lakhani
    Group CEO
    • 4 years as CFO of Tune Hotels Group
    • 8 years of investment banking experience in the UK
  • Lee Ching Wei
    Executive Director / Chief Innovation Officer
    • Co-founded iMoney in 2012
    • 8 years of experience in investment advisory including with Frontier Advisors in Australia
  • Jae Tan
    Chief Financial Officer
    • Multi-national experience with 4 years as Group Financial Controller at iSelect Ltd
    • ASX experience with strong corporate governance exposure
    • 7 years consulting for SME to large corporate clients
  • Melissa Chan
    Chief Marketing Officer
    • 21 years in retail banking experience across banks such as Citibank, American Express, CIMB, HSBC, HLB and RHB
    • Key expertise in financial product branding and marketing
  • Yap Lay Kim
    Group Financial Controller
    • Ex-Group Financial Controller at
    • 19 years of experience in accounting, audit and finance
  • Krishna Kumar
    Head of Telesales, Malaysia
    • 22 years of experience in managing contact centres for financial service providers
    • Ex-head of telesales at American Express (Southeast Asia)
  • Pearl Joy Gonzales
    Country Manager, Philippines
    • 13 years of experience in contact centre and vendor management
    • Ex-head of telesales at HSBC Philippines
  • Daniel Savov
    Head of Growth
    • 10 years of experience in SEO within Southeast Asia and Europe
    • Experience in scaling and growing numerous online business
  • Iris Lee
    Head of Brand Communications
    • 3 years experience in instructional design for digital courses
    • 9 years experience in content for print and digital
    • Ex-Editor for Human Resources Magazine Malaysia
  • Samantha Chen
    Group Head of Business Development
    • 9 years banking experience with Standard Chartered Bank
    • Own business for 11 years, sole contractor of Sara Lee Malaysia
  • Amol Kale
    Head of Performance Marketing
    • 10 years experience in digital marketing
    • Ex-Performance Marketing Manager at Coverfox
  • Kambiz Khanlari
    Head of Technology
    • 19 years experience in Architecturing, Delivery, Mentoring and Leading Tech Teams Regionally and Locally in both mid-size and enterprise scales
    • Ex: Lead Architect ( Regional ) of REA Group Asia
    • Ex: Head of Software Development of iProperty Group
  • Stanley Loh
    Group Head of Product
    • 20 years in product management, consultancy, services management, software development and digital transformation
    • Experience in startups, SaaS products in eCommerce and industrial automation managed complex IT services, large-scale global solutions, and digital transformation strategies
    • A passionate product leader in helping the company in product-market fit and growth hack strategy
  • Damien Ngai
    Country Manager, Indonesia
    • 8 years experience in heading business strategy and process optimisation in financial services industry
    • Former GM at Jirnexu and former country manager at Pluang (formerly known as EmasDigi)
    • Experience in managing profit and loss through monetisation of product verticals as well as user growth
  • Mayur Singh
    Group Head of Data Science
    • 10 years of experience in helping businesses make intelligent decision using data
    • Deployed data science solution across industries in NA, India and SE-Asia

Our Board of Directors

  • Brodie Arnhold
    Non-Executive Director & Chairman
  • Lee Ching Wei
    Executive Director / Chief Innovation Officer
  • Vicki Pafumi
    Non-Executive Director
  • Melanie Wilson
    Non-Executive Director

Our Advisors