Meet the Team

iMoney’s leadership team is comprised of professionals with relevant geographic and sector expertise in financial services, technology, travel and more.

Our Management Team

  • Lee Ching Wei
    • Co-founded iMoney in 2012
    • 8 years of experience in investment advisory including with Frontier Advisors in Australia
  • Melissa Chan
    Chief Marketing Officer
    • 21 years in retail banking experience across banks such as Citibank, American Express, CIMB, HSBC, HLB and RHB
    • Key expertise in financial product branding and marketing
  • Iris Lee
    Head of Brand Communications
    • 3 years experience in instructional design for digital courses
    • 9 years experience in content for print and digital
    • Ex-Editor for Human Resources Magazine Malaysia
  • Samantha Chen
    Group Head of Business Development
    • 9 years banking experience with Standard Chartered Bank
    • Own business for 11 years, sole contractor of Sara Lee Malaysia

Our Board of Directors

  • See Wai Hun
  • Naaman Lee
  • John Lim